Rehab – 1194 Latham

This is the second phase of a Rehab that is currently going on at 1194 latham. Floors are being redone and plumbing moved to other side of Kitchen for sinks and counter tops. Kitchen is being totally remodel for functionality and eye appeal

As one of our Private Money Partners, you have the opportunity  to be a part of the rehab project that is currently under-way.  Funds are needed to see the project through, approximately $3200.00 . You can invest as little as $850.00  to push the project through to the end. Our group have experience in the Real Estate  industry which includes ; buying and transferring, buying and holding, subject to’s, Rehabbing  and other Real Estate purchasing strategies.

The market for this business: Buying and Holding (A Renters Market)

Reasons: (Property Rehab) Most lending institution have made buying a home nearly impossible. Also, with foreclosure at an all time high, personal credit credentials have been affected. This in-turn forces a renter’s market in the local area. With buying cost being low, rehab and fixups can differ depending on property and contractor.

Our target market is:  Renters and Rental Properties with a strong focus in Urban Area’s… With Real Estate being very low in buying cost, this creates a great opportunity for multiple cash-flow streams for you as a private money partner and my company Flowers & Associates LLC. for years to come.

The competition includes: Other Real Estate investors whom buy, fixup, and sell. Other investors buy, and wholesale the property out to other investors.

Estimated Repair Cost: $5400.00. Repairs have already begun regarding this property with $2000.00 of my personal funds invested.  My business assets having a fair market value of $40,000 and personal assets (if applicable) with a value of $129,000 

This will help meet business targets, while creating Cash-flow for you as a partner and to increase occupancy/rents in properties $15,000 by the 12th month.

With this investment and in conjunction with this investment, you as a private money partner on this project will profit a 20% return in six month (loan period) on $850.00 giving you a total of $1020.00. You will receive an Official PROMISSORY NOTE securing this loan amount.

 The repayment of the loan has three options:

  • Option 1  Receive One lump sum at the end of loan period
  • Option 2  Monthly payments after 30 days of $170.00 including interest during the loan duration until balance is paid.
  • Option 3 Interest Only monthly payments after 30 days for six months with principal paid at the end of loan period.

Attached is my report on this target property which backs up the loan request. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-888-503-0996.











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