279 Person|Case Study

Week 1 – 08/11/2017 Evaluation

This Tri-Plex was setup for disabled Vets who want to have a bit more privacy than your normal shared housing living. In this case the vet must maintain utilities and get his or her own furniture. However, in most cases the vet disability is a bit more serious. This provides the vet with more income and resources to work with.

Each apartment is at $500 per one bedroom apartment. Of course this is guaranteed rent coming from non-profit organizations. The investor does not have to worry about tenant destroying the place or not paying rent, Most of all costly evictions. Instead a mild manner tenant is installed with stability and a back up support system from a Non-profit organization.


General Repair | Toilet Installment

Week 2 – 09/24/2017 – 09/28/2017


General Repair | Floor Reinforcement And Repair

Week 3 – 09/28/2017 – 09/31/2017


Week 4 – 10/03/2017 – 10/15/2017

Clean And Prep | Furniture Installment