Affordable Housing Partnership Program

Affordable Housing Partnership

Flowers & Associates LLC. Pride’s itself on helping tenants achieve there home ownership dreams. Headed by Robert Flowers, Flowers & Associates LLC. partner with landlords to provide quality living for the community. “We Build Communities One Client At A Time”.  This includes all Inclusive Rents where shared housing for those whom are transitioning back into the community to experience quality affordable housing. Partner with us to help a dream come true for those whom are in need…

What Is Special Needs Housing

Special needs housing is a system of providing housing for any group of people who can benefit from all-inclusive shared housing. This system of all-inclusive shared housing is a very desirable concept for specific groups of people who share a rental and pay rent as individuals. They have a private bedroom and share the common areas like the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. These are some of the things included with shared housing…

  •  Utilities
  • Phone
  • Cable Tv
  • Washer and Dryer
  • House Keeping
  • Dishes

The Process

The process is simple. Once Flowers and Associates receives a request for a Tenant, we come out and visit the property, take pictures, make notes on any changes that need to be made. Secondly, we forward your home to the non-profit organizations that we partner with in the form of an ad. If you are setting up more than one property, a special needs website is required. This website can be setup for you along with your package at  Look For SharedHousing as shown below and click the Subsribe Button




Third, once a tenant is found  that meets your qualifications, we will provide the tenant with your contact information to schedule a meeting. This meeting is for the application and agreement process. Last, once approved, the organization’s case manager will contact you for an inspection of the unit. If the inspection is approved, the tenant will sign the lease.

Note: Majority of cases, these clients are unable to establish utilities in their name. It is important that utilities are included with these rentals.


To become a partner with us, there is a one time referral fee involved , 50% of the first months rent paid after move-in and signing of the lease agreement

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope we were able to answers most of your questions about our “Affordable Housing Partnership Program”. If you want more information or want us to find you a tenant that meets your criteria, feel free to contact us through the form listed below and indicate what  tenant would be a good fit for your property.  Please give as much information as you can in the “Additional note” box, so that we may find the best solution for you.

As a prospective partner, tell us more about your property.

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