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Affordable All Inclusive Shared Rentals

My name is Robert….   First let me thank you  for taking the time out to review this page. This is the info regarding housing for your clients. I have enclosed a video → (giveme3min) to give you an idea on what we do.


All inclusive rents supports your needs as for as space is concern. What does this mean?

·         A 2 Bedroom house 1 bath. 1 or 2 clients per bedroom with furnishings, utilities, housekeeping, dishes, Cable and more if needed.. Living room, dining room, Kitchen, are common areas (shared housing)

·         A 3 Bedroom house 1 or 2 baths 1 or 2 clients per bedroom (same as above).

Reasons for shared housing: Some clients if left to live alone, would become lonely because they were socially isolated and soon wanted to return to institutional living.

Grouping 2 or more clients together (depending on amount of bedrooms) the clients benefited because they had others who they were living with to socialize and had a built in support system.

Properties are now available and for your review and inspection

·         If 1 client per bedroom, $450-550.00 per client per month including utilities, house keeping, furnishing, cable, appliances, security, dishes and more..

·         If 2 clients per  bedroom, $300 per client. Max 4 clients in house. (All men or all women)

Rent must be paid through organization, case manager, or responsible custodial of funds.

If you have any questions, contact Robert Flowers at 1-888-503-0996

This is just to open the lines of communications. I can setup something at your convenience to discuss the details.

Thank you so much for your time… I look forward to working with you and your staff..

Robert Flowers

Property Manager



 We will provide everything that is needed for your client

Just click here to let us know what type of housing your client needs